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A Base Full of Mystery, in a World of Its Own

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Name:Base Four
Website:Base Four: The OOC Comm
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Community description:roleplay game
It was built to monitor a tear in the fabric of space and time and designed to house the scientists studying it, as well as the troops fending off the things that came through. Then it fell through the rift into a pocket world of its own. Now people from universes everywhere are stumbling into it, only to find they won't be going home soon.

Base Four is a panfandom RPG that is part player-created/mod-controlled events, part slice-of-life set in an abandoned military/scientific base, and part mystery/reality-bending/horror/crack. Once you arrive, you'll soon find the place gives up its mysteries very gradually, and you players get a say in how and what that mystery is revealed. Did the cave-in happen by accident? Were experiments going on that effected it? That's for you the players to decide and your characters to discover...


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